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Turkey: Support for Syrian refugees to make the children’s’ future brighter

Thousands of people fled from Syria as refugees, due to the unending conflict happening there. Now the number of Syrians who live in Turkey has reached 3,540,000 (the number of registered refugees according to the Immigration Bureau, at the Ministry of the Interior of Turkey, as of March 1st, 2018). However, not everyone is able to live in a refugee camp and most of them have taken shelter in a town or village in Turkey. Since opening a community center in Şanlıurfa Province, Turkey, in 2014, AAR Japan has been supporting Syrian refugees who live in the area. We provide rehabilitation, assistive equipment, such as wheel chairs, and legal consultation.

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  • Japan: The Great East Japan Earthquake: Fire extinguishers delivered to public housing for the disaster-affected

    “Really thankful for delivering them to all households.”
    Nearly seven years have passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake. In Soma City, Fukushima Prefecture, public housing for disaster-affected people began receiving residents in 2012, and approximately 700 residents currently live there. AAR Japan, in consultation with Soma City, provided 410 fire extinguishers to five public housing compounds in the City. Soma City is a windy place, and the public housing facilities are sometimes built in the form of row houses, where neighbors live side-by-side with narrow spaces between them.

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