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Western Japan Flood: Intense heat and cleaning work wear victims out

More than a week has passed since the flood and landslide hit western Japan. The midsummer heat has continued since the heavy rain stopped, and on July 14, it recorded a maximum temperature of 36 degrees Celsius. There are still about 2,890 people living in evacuation centers in Okayama prefecture, where 16,430 houses are without running of water, roads and railways still not fully restored (according to the announcement of Okayama prefecture on 15th July). The hard days continue for those affected.

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  • Turkey: Support for Syrian refugees to make the children’s’ future brighter

    Thousands of people fled from Syria as refugees, due to the unending conflict happening there. Now the number of Syrians who live in Turkey has reached 3,540,000 (the number of registered refugees according to the Immigration Bureau, at the Ministry of the Interior of Turkey, as of March 1st, 2018). However, not everyone is able to live in a refugee camp and most of them have taken shelter in a town or village in Turkey. Since opening a community center in Şanlıurfa Province, Turkey, in 2014, AAR Japan has been supporting Syrian refugees who live in the area. We provide rehabilitation, assistive equipment, such as wheel chairs, and legal consultation.

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