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Torrential rain in Kyushu: Providing supplies to welfare facilities for PWD

AAR staff are reseaching the damage situation at welfare facility in Kyushu

The torrential rains in Kyushu in early July caused extensive damage in Kumamoto Prefecture and various areas in Japan, and restoration work is still ongoing in the affected areas. We pray for the souls of the deceased and express our heartfelt sympathy for those who were affected by the disaster.

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  • Uganda: Refugees prevent the spread of COVID-19 with homemade masks

    AAR staff in Uganda wear a mask which made by theirselves

    In the eastern African country of Uganda, where the spread of COVID-19 continues, AAR Japan held a mask-making workshop to prevent the spread of COVID-19 at a South Sudanese refugee camp, located in the north of the country.

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  • “SOS! Refugee Camps Need Your Help” Protecting the World’s Refugees and Displaced PersonsPublic Call for “Save with Art” Poster DesignYour Art May Be a Catalyst for Social Change

    "Wishing you can see your loved ones soon. Wishing their lives are saved. Wishing the world is filled with a lot of smiles."
    work example by KAGII Yasuhide

    Application Period: August 1 (Sat.) – October 3 (Sat.)
    The refugee settlements in Africa’s Kenya and Uganda where many people who have evacuated from South Sudan are concentrated in appalling sanitary conditions; Bangladesh, which has become the place of refuge for Rohingyan refugees; and the refugees and displaced persons from Syria who have escaped from Syria to its border with Turkey. The Turkish government is adopting successive COVID-19 countermeasures such as restricting people from going outside, but most of the information is provided in Turkish. No consideration is paid towards the Arabic-speaking Syrians.

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