Priority Field of Our Activities
Emergency Assistance
Support for Persons with Disabilities
Mine/UXO Action
Action against Infectious Diseases
Awareness Raising


A world where all people, as unique and diverse human beings, can coexist with respect for human dignity, and in harmony with the environment.

By “all people” we mean...
Our goal should be to bring about clear changes to the lives of every person involved, starting with the beneficiaries, and including donors, staff members and volunteers.
By “unique and diverse human beings” we mean...
We will respect the diversity of human beings, such as differences in culture, religion, or whether they have disabilities or not.
By “coexist” we mean...
All kinds of people, each with his or her individual personality, recognize each other's existence and learn to live together.
By “with respect for human dignity” we mean...
Basic human rights of all people are insured.
By “in harmony with the environment” we mean...
We will always make sure that our activities do not cause harm to the environment.

Mission & Priority Fields of Our Activities

Association for Aid and Relief, Japan (AAR Japan) is a NGO aiming to assist those affected by hardships such as armed conflicts, remnants of armed conflicts, infectious diseases, disabilities, etc. In doing so, we hope to deliver the goodwill of the Japanese people, and to help realize a global society where people of diverse backgrounds coexist with respect for one another, for nature, and for human dignity.

To achieve this mission, and from the perspective of upholding human security, we will pursue activities in the following priority fields:

Priority Field of Our Activities

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